Published on 06 April 2017

Dear Colleagues,

As president of FENS, it is my pleasure to inform you about the recent call for Global Advocacy Seed Grants.These are intended to support neuroscience societies in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America in their efforts to implement advoacy efforts at the national and regional levels in 2018.

The seed grant programme, which is coordinated by IBRO under the global advocacy umbrella to which FENS contributes as the European member of the alliance, are aimed at supporting national advocacy events and activities with grants of up to 5,000 Euro per selected event and activity. Because FENS contributes to this programme, scientists from European countries that lack resources and support for advocacy are now also eligible to apply for the seed grants.

The Global Advocacy partners, which include SfN, ISN, FENS and the Japan Neuroscience Society, intend that disadvantaged regions in the world, now including special regions and countries in Europe, should have access to small grants to help them develop and promote awareness and build support for brain research across Europe in a culturally sensitive and regionally appropriate manner.

I therefore invite you as President of your society to encourage submissions of proposals from your scientific community.

FENS is committed to working with other world-leading organisations to raise public awareness and to providing authoritative advice to policy makers and stakeholders on the importance of continuous support for brain research.

Application deadline: 7 May 2017 (11:59 p.m. CET - Europe/Paris time).
Please click here to apply

Yours sincerely,

Barry Everitt

FENS President