RICARDO MILEDI (1927-2017)

Published on 06 January 2018

Prof. Ricardo Miledi was born in Mexico on 15th September 1927. After working with John Eccles in Australia, he started to collaborate with another Nobel Prize awardee, Sir. Bernard Katz, at the University College in London, where he remained for 27 years before moving to the University of California at Irvine (USA). Prof. Miledi was very famous for his studies on the physiological mechanisms of synaptic transmission that paved the way to modern neurosciences. His calcium theory of neurotransmitter release, the molecular and physiological mechanisms of extrasynaptic receptors, the use of frog oocytes to study human and animal receptors, are just some of his outstanding contributions. Prof. Miledi was a member of the American National Academy of Science and the Royal Society. He was a teacher and a great mentor for many physiologists and bright scientists all over the world. Last but not least, Prof. Miledi was not only a fantastic scientist with excellent ideas, but he was a person who spread kindness and humanity with a certain smile which was always with him, until the last moment.