Published on 27 July 2018


The governing board of SINS is working to renew the appearance and contents of the Company's website.

As part of this activity, we believe it is very important to enrich the graphic layout with images of high aesthetic and scientific value. For this reason, during the last meeting, we decided to involve you by launching a real competition, with the aim of choosing an image for the home page and selecting others to use for other sections of the site. The author of the image chosen for the home page will be rewarded with one year of free subscription to SINS. For all other images that will be used on the site an acknowledgment will be inserted, with a link to the home page of the author's laboratory.

Images must be received in EPS format (vector) or PSD - JPG - TIFF - BMP and they must have a minimum size of 1800x1200 pixels and a minimum resolution of 72 dpi.

The proposals, containing the image and the participation form, can be sent to the email until 20 September 2018.
The winning image and the list of the selected ones will be published on 15 October 2018.

Take part to the competition!!