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ESN Biennal Conference: "Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation of the Nervous System"

01 September 2019 - 04 September 2019 Open related link

Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of regulation of the nervous system is a major challenge in the field of neurochemistry. ESN has regularly focused on the latest advances in this area at its biennial meetings for over 40 years.
This theme will be continued at our 2019 ESN Meeting in Milan which will cover a variety of topics linked to the molecular and cellular mechanisms underpinning brain function in health and disease. The Symposia and Plenary Lectures feature neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration, brain metabolism, neuroreceptors and signaling, neuropeptides, glial function, organelle dysfunction, epigenetic mechanisms, protein aggregation and folding, and novel preclinical disease models and tools. Our goal is to promote discussions between junior and senior scientists and to share new findings between basic and clinical researchers. The meeting will outline new concepts and future directions in neurochemistry and provide a very active scientific and social programme for our young generation of neurochemists.