The elections for the establishment of the Ordering Committee of OPBAs will be held soon. The Committee will be in charge of defining the rules and organization criteria of the National Coordinating Committee of OPBAs.

The full list of candidates can be found at the following link:

Prof. Nicola Simola, Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Cagliari and member of the SINS Governing Board, runs in these elections. Prof. Simola has long-standing experience in issues related to the use of animal models in biomedical research and collaborates with associations active in this field, such as Research4Life and EARA (European Animal Research Association). Prof. Simola has decided to run for the Ordering Committee of OPBAs with the aim to represent the demands and needs of researchers who use animal models.

Only OPBA members (a maximum of three members for each OPBA) are eligible to vote. Therefore, SINS members are invited to discuss with members of their institutional OPBA, who have registered to vote, and ask them to consider supporting Prof. Simola in these elections.


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