Description: The project aims to develop in vitro, by means of 3D bio-printing, a complex three-dimensional model of the spinal cord, including different types of neurons and glial cells. This platform will be useful for studying how axons degenerate in the event of injury and for testing new regenerative approaches.
We are looking for young motivated graduated students or post-docs with a degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Medical Engineering or related disciplines interested in basic research. Suggested skills: experience in cell cultures, immunocytochemistry, molecular analysis and microscopy.
The salary will be €19.456€ (gross amount after deduction of the taxes of the employer). For additional benefits contact the PIs.
Please, if interested, contact the tutor for an interview.
Ref: Prof. Marina BOIDO (

Employer: Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (University of Torino)

Location: Turin, Italy

Duration: Two one-year position

Application deadline: 20240122