SINS’ mission is:

  • to advance the understanding of the Nervous System and the physiological bases of behavior through the communal effort of researchers of diverse backgrounds who facilitate the integration of research directed at all levels of biological organization. An additional aim is to provide health benefits as well;
  • to promote public information and general and scientific education in the field of Neuroscience;
  • to provide professional development activities, educational resources and education and training programs for national and international professionals in compliance with the requirements of National and International CME authorities. Such activities may be carried out directly or in collaboration with other entities and/or other non-profit scientific associations or organizations. Distance Education programs can also be provided;
  • to collaborate with the Ministry of Health, regional authorities, local health authorities and other public and private healthcare entities and institutions;
  • to participate in the guidelines development process in collaboration with A.S.S.R. (Regional Office for Healthcare Services) and F.I.S.M. (Federation of Italian Medical and Scientific Societies); to promote study and research projects in Neuroscience; to promote collaborative relationships with other scientific associations and organizations. Collaborations with patient advocacy groups may also be established.

SINS is a non-profit Association. Remuneration of Directors is explicitly excluded, however, it is acknowledged remuneration and reimbursement of expenses to those who perform a specific task in the interests of the Association. The Association shall have the exclusive purpose of ensuring social solidarity, subject to prior approval and deliberation by the Board of Directors. It is forbidden for the Association to perform activities other than those directly related to its institutional purposes. Any surpluses shall be used to implement institutional activities and other undertakings directly related to such activities.