Julia Baines, senior science policy manager at PETA, has recently published an opinion paper [LINK] which calls for the replacement of animals used to study diabetes with ‘human-relevant research’. Baines claims that PETA scientists have developed the Research Modernization Deal, a detailed strategy for ending experiments on animals and that they recommend the immediate phase out of animal experiments for diabetes research in favor of the “many humane options available”.
Baines also added ‘it’s human biology that’s needed to find cures and better treatments for diabetes, and the sooner funding is shifted to supporting innovation in these areas, away from propping up the outdated habit of experimenting on animals, the sooner we will find them’.  Of note is the use of the word “infecting” in the article’s title with reference to diabetes, a non-communicable disease.

Further details on policy news and issues related with animal research in Europe can be found at www.eara.eu


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