Start date: 20240412

End date: 20240412

Location: CESTEV Auditorium of the Complex of Biotechnologies | via Tommaso De Amicis 95, Naples

The first Regional Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatric Neurology, jointly organized with the Neapolitan Brain Group, is scheduled for Friday, April 12, 2024, at 2:30 PM in the CESTEV Auditorium of the Complex of Biotechnologies, located at via Tommaso De Amicis 95, Naples.

The main objective of the event is to foster mutual understanding among all stakeholders interested in Pediatric Neurology topics and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas for the future.

The first session will feature presentations by Prof. Francesco Piccialli and Prof. Generoso Andria on the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and the analysis of clinical phenotype and its integration with multiomic data, respectively.

The second session of the Congress will focus on infantile epileptic channelopathies, with presentations by Prof. Maurizio Taglialatela on basic research aspects and Prof. Gaetano Terrone on clinical symptomatology.

The Congress is open to all interested parties free of charge and will provide continuing education credits for the following professions: Medical Doctor (all specialties), Biologist, Pharmacist, and Neurophysiology Technician.

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